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Social Media

Social Media lets you Join the conversation

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now firmly established as places for companies to communicate with their customers. For years, finding out what your customers wanted and gathering customer feedback required painstakingly organizing costly focus groups. Now it’s as simple as posting a status or tweet to your customers and letting them voice their opinion.

Social media has the rare benefit of being a 2-way sales channel. Companies and advertisers are no longer just telling their customers about their product and acting as a nameless corporation. You can now have a personality online, you have the ability to converse with your customers, allowing you to build relationships and trust between your company and your customers.

Our team at TMH has the capabilities to generate content, post regularly and reply to your customers on all of your online platforms. Need an account set up, designed and populated? We can handle that too.

We will work with you to ensure that your accounts closely reflect your company’s personality and mission. Be it a more approachable and friendly tone for companies like local shops and client facing industries, or a more professional tone for companies such as accountants and lawyers.

Social Media


Social Media Management

Let us update your online accounts with relevant and engaging content to keep your followers up to date and increase brand reach. We can generate and post content on your behalf as often as you like.


One of the most exciting areas of digital marketing at the moment is paid Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads. We target and optimize your campaign to ensure you reach the right people and your budget is spent efficiently.


We can provide you with a wealth of information. You can see what gender the majority of your followers are, where most of your followers are based, the time and day they are most likely to check your social media pages and a whole lot more. Analytics give us the insight to increase your online interaction and give you an insight into what your target market looks like.

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