Essex Police

Increasing BAME applicants by 9%

Essex Police is a territorial police force responsible for policing the county of Essex, in the east of England, consisting of over 1.7 million people and around 1,400 square miles. It is one of the largest non-metropolitan police forces in the United Kingdom, with over 2,900 police officers.


Essex Police tasked TMH Media with creating a targeted media campaign aimed at recruiting specific ethnic groups.

Their BAME recruitment statistics were well below the national average at just 2%. They needed us to plan a media campaign that would deliver hard results.


TMH Media worked closely with Essex Police and planned a media campaign to best connect with the specified ethnic groups that Essex Police wanted to reach. 

With our extensive knowledge of ethnic media we put together a targeted TV campaign that would give Essex Police maximum reach and impact. The campaign ran for 4 weeks, targeting the Sikh community and UK African females.



The powerful creative for this campaign was highly effective, it was clear, direct and gave a clear message on who Essex Police were targeting.

The success of the campaign was monitored on number of BAME individuals that applied for a position. Essex Police analysed their data and found an increase from 2% to above 11%. This campaign was planned on a restricted budget and deemed a great success.


Increased BAME applicants by 9%