Faith Dating

Increasing subscribers by 53%

Faith Dating is one of the UK’s leading and longest running online Christian dating websites. Faith Dating aims to help Christian people find relationships, friendships and companionship, in a safe environment. Faith Dating has over 14,000 members worldwide and growing every single day.


Faith Dating was looking to increase their number of subscribers, signing up to the website over the most popular period in online dating, between December – February.


TMH Media put together a solid, ROI focused multichannel campaign using targeted Press advertising, TV Advertising, Radio Advertising, Flyers, Events and digital channels.

We focused on Faith Dating’s target audience which is adult Christians, who were single. We focused on media that would give the client the largest audience at the best rates.

We then continued to monitor and tweak the campaign throughout December, to Feburary.


The campaign was a huge sucess and the client was very happy with the results we generated for them.


53% Increase in subscribers


28% Decrease in bounce rate


31% increase in paid subscribers


76% decrease in acquisition cost