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There has never been so much media to choose from as there is today countless TV stations, press radio and online opportunities.

Finding out as much as we can about you is a priority so we can provide you with the right media mix that gets your message in front of your target audience.

TMH are a leading media agency specialising in helping Charities, Religious and Ethnic Media get great ROIs for their campaigns. Our expertise in planning and buying media, in the UK and worldwide, for our charity and Christian ministry clients are second to none.

We save our clients time and money by ensuring that their TV campaigns get the highest exposure to the right audiences at competitive rates.

“It has been a real positive experience working with TMH in the past few years. They have been professional in their attitude and conduct. Their staff are friendly and courteous. It is a company of integrity that you can count on for delivery.”
Rev Martin Ossei, Joy House, London


Ministry Airtime

We understand that your ministry is your calling to serve God, we offer tailor-made promotional solutions for helping you succeed
Christian and Ethnic Television Stations


We take time to listen to talk to you, to listen to what God is calling you to do. So, we can make sure that we position your ministry programme at the best slot for the best rate.

We buy Ministry airtime all over the World, we know what rates you should be paying and we understand the technical requirements for each TV station. We will ensure you get the most effective avails (time and day) for the best price.

We understand the importance of reaching your targeted audiences where they are watching. So, whether it is America, Africa, Europe or a youth or a mature audience, we analyse the media to make sure you reach them.


Film is an effective way to reach and influence millions of people simultaneously. One of the most common ways of reaching and influencing people through film is television advertising.

There has never been so many TV stations to choose from – over 450 TV stations are on offer.

We will spend time with you to make you are advertising on the best TV stations that reach your target audience and meet your budget.

Every day the average person in the UK watches hundreds of TV adverts. Consistent exposure through TV adverts creates awareness about a charity’s or ministry’s campaign. It gets people talking and getting involved in your charity’s or ministry’s work in new ways.

TMH Media offers tailor-made media planning and buying services provides you with a clear idea of what you can expect to achieve with your budget.

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