Social media is everywhere and no company today can afford to be without it. Here we’ll take a look at some of the biggest social media trends which are on the cards for 2019… Chatbots and messenger apps Lots of companies already have them, but chatbots and instant messenger apps will play a bigger role in the coming years. Facebook Messenger is a great way for you and your customers to get in touch with one another, but adding chatbot tech to your website means you can initiate a conversation with visitors to your pages. Younger generations are more likely to communicate with you this way than by using the old-fashioned telephone or snail’s pace email. More influencers Social media influencers have a massive effect on generating sales, particularly among younger consumers. They’re already a big part of the social media landscape but expect to see more influencers gaining a following in the coming years. Get them to positively endorse or review your brand and you’ll soon see the difference in sales figures. Augmented reality Augmented reality is already a multi-billion dollar industry and growing. This includes things such as Snapchat’s facial filters, allowing users to personalise their photos and enabling sponsors to add their logo and name to the corner of their screen. Social media marketers should embrace this trend if they want to get ahead. Video content Many companies already use video content to engage customers, but there will be more of it to come in 2019. Social media marketers will increasingly use video channels to connect with their audiences, personalising content so it feels relevant to their customers. People learn fastest through visual media, and videos go above and beyond anything a static image has to offer. More user-generated content People no longer respond to marketing tactics alone, and are far more likely to buy a product or service if they see it in action or hear positive things about it from other consumers. User-generated content in the form of YouTube videos, uploaded photos and customer reviews will become even more important in 2019, as people become more cautious about traditional advertising methods. Next year is going to be huge when it comes to social media and digital marketing. Customers today, particularly younger generations, are highly influenced by what they see online, so companies everywhere will need to get on board with these trends if they want to thrive in 2019.