Top 3 Ways to Increase Your Church Members

Do you want to share your important mission? If your church is warm and welcoming and wants to open its doors to new members, then you need to spread the word. Here are the top 3 ways to increase membership in your church.

1. Use Facebook

Facebook is the ideal place to share information about your church. If you don’t already have a Facebook page, create one – it’s quick and easy to do. Now use this platform to share photos, information about church services and events, pastoral care and more. Why not try live streaming a service to give new members a taster of what’s on offer?

But if you really want to spread your church’s message and attract new members, you need to advertise. Facebook ads let you target a certain group or demographic from young people to parents. But don’t stop there! Facebook will let you run ads to people on your mailing list or visitors to your website. Why not run a targeted ad inviting people in the area near your church to attend a special welcome service?

Facebook remains the biggest platform to share your content and encourage others to share and join your church. Learn how to use it and watch membership soar.

2. Advertise

Whether you put your message on the side of a bus or three billboards outside your church, advertising is a powerful tool when you want to attract new members. Create a clever, witty and unique advertising campaign and you’ll extend your reach right across social media as well as through word of mouth.

The funniest church signs and adverts get shared across the internet, so use humour to show how welcoming you are to new members. The chances are you have plenty of expertise in advertising, promotion and social media in your church already, so harness that power to grow your congregation.

3. Work on your welcome

A welcoming church is accessible to all and one of the most caring communities to be involved in, whatever day of the week. Earn yourself a reputation as the friendliest church around, and make sure that new members who venture through the doors immediately feel part of your flock. That way they’ll keep returning week after week and bring their friends with them!