The Power of Billboard Advertising!

Billboard advertising has played an important part of marketing strategies for decades – and still has a role to play in public awareness and clever promotions. Choosing a strong design in a good location can be a great investment for your business: it’s low maintenance, high impact and easy to organise.

Mobile outdoor advertising is a great addition to your media plan mix as it’s increasingly effective and relevant to modern audiences. Recent research suggests the average Brit spends around three hours a day outside, spending 10% of their time walking or driving exposed to ads. This makes outdoor advertising a great way to target young or upmarket groups traveling for work. Revenues for outdoor advertising have risen every year since 2009, hitting over one billion pounds in 2016.

Unlike radio or television adverts, billboards can’t be turned off or avoided. That makes it a cost-effective and flexible solution with the potential to reach specific and large audiences. They are also a fantastic opportunity to represent your company’s branding or visual identity in an engaging and memorable way.

Billboards are also an excellent way to reinforce your other promotional efforts. The accepted wisdom is that the average customer has to see something at least 10 times before they are convinced to take the opportunity of the product or services offered to them. Billboards enable you to regularly and quickly reinforce your existing sales drives with a consistent message that will be viewed multiple times by passing customers. This gently and cost effectively puts your business to the front of people’s minds.

Whether you’re new to using billboard media, or more certain about what you need, the experienced team at TMH Media can help. When you work with us you get access to our dedicated design, creative, digital and media teams who can advise you on highly effective billboard locations and support you in getting great prices. We can also offer full creative support in getting the right billboard display for you.

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