Is Your Website Hurting Your Business?

With websites now the first port of call for the majority of customers looking to find out more about a business, it is absolutely imperative that companies run easily navigable, attractive and functioning websites.

A website that fails to live up to the high standards customers hold can be hugely detrimental to the profitability and reputation of a business. So what can be done to address this issue?

The following mistakes represent just a few things to avoid when building and maintaining a business site:

Make sure the site functions flawlessly

Broken links, slow loading times and site crashes are to be avoided at all costs, as they can make your business appear unprofessional and unreliable. While a few blips are almost inevitable for any business, addressing site issues as soon as they arrive should be the number one priority for all companies.

Employ solid security measures

Keeping a website secure is crucial in keeping your business and customers safe from hackers, particularly if customers are able to enter personal data into the site.

Obtaining an SSL certificate is one way to address this issue, as it will allow you to protect the traffic between visitors and the site itself (as well as improving your Google rankings). HTTPS, however, tends to be a better and more secure option and will increase trust in your business manifold.

Keep content up to date

Return visitors are unlikely to want to see the same content again and again, as it will make your business seem unpopular and apathetic. If there isn’t much to update it with at any one time, try setting up a blog with which you can post interesting articles about subjects related to your sector.

Make your website readable and navigable

It may not have occurred to many web users before, but websites often feature similar layouts due to the fact that internet users have become accustomed to certain navigation techniques. To make sure your website is easy to use, compare it to other websites and analyse their usability. Furthermore, make sure not to stuff your sites too full of text. Stick to the important information that tells your customers exactly what they need to know about your services.