COVID-19 is dramatically changing the way people live in the UK. The government rules regarding self-isolating and social distancing have meant that significantly more people are remaining at home, choosing not to make journeys outside, and consuming significantly more media than before. Because people cannot interact outside, and with many forms of entertainment, including the cinema and theatre being closed, more and more people have to rely on TV, radio, and other digital media for entertainment.

Our experts at TMH Media have observed these trends and have created a quick guide to marketing your charity during these times.

1. Consider your audience


As always, marketing is most effective when you consider your target demographic, as this means your message reaches more people who are likely to follow your call to action. Consider how your target demographics are likely to consume media during this time. 60% of younger people (under 35) are more likely to increase their usage of social media, so all your charity social media campaigns should be increased for these groups. Elderly people, however, are choosing to listen to local radio station 18% more than they used to, so your marketing campaign could focus on radio advertising too.

2. Thank your supporters while encouraging them to make donations

It is essential to thank your donors and supporters for all the help they have given you and your charity in the past. In your marketing, whether via social media post or TV and radio ads, it’s well worth explaining to them how Covid-19 is affecting the people that your charity supports. Now more than ever, vulnerable people are suffering, and charities need even more donations than usual. Charities themselves are also likely to be suffering due to the lockdown, so tell your supporters how much their help and kindness is needed at this trying time.

3. Focus on making your services digital

Now is an ideal time to increase your digital capacity. As people are staying at home, they are online significantly more than before. Use every marketing channel available to broadcast your online services and let people know what your charity does and how even a small donation can make a big difference. Email marketing is beneficial for this, and the use of direct links in your call to action can take them straight to your donation page.

Coronavirus marketing is difficult, but by following the advice above, you can maximise donations and support for your charity. For more COVID-19 marketing advice, contact our experts today.