How to increase your leads using Google AdWords

If you run a business and are looking for a way to increase leads, then Google AdWords is an excellent way to do it. The great thing about AdWords is that, with a little bit of practice and assistance, you can use it to target specific people who are more likely to be interested in your products than the population at large. What’s more, you can now do much more than simply drive traffic to your website. Google AdWords gives businesses the option of using their adverts to generate phone calls or even drive people to visit a physical location. In this article, we’ll look at some of the easiest ways that you can increase leads using AdWords.

Let Google do the maths

Google is well known for creating some of the smartest and most powerful algorithms in computing. The good news for advertisers is that it has turned some of that power towards helping them generate as many leads as possible. So long as you have a reasonably substantial amount of conversions already, you can use a ‘maximise conversions’ bidding model to, as the name suggests, maximise the number of leads that you can generate within your budget.

Make the phone ring

If you think you get more sales when people talk to you on the phone, then you can use your Google AdWords account to make it ring. You can either add call extensions to your ads, which give users the option of either coming to your website or making a phone call, or you can run call only ads – which display on mobile devices and only give the option of making a call. What’s more, Google can assign a special tracking number to either of these ad types so that you can see just how many new leads you are attracting through your Google AdWords campaign.

Whatever technique you choose, we’re sure you’ll agree that Google AdWords is a great way to generate the leads that your business needs to grow and prosper.