5 top website design trends for 2018

The year is over halfway through, so it’s time to look at the top 5 website design trends of 2018. It’s not too late to get involved as many of these trends will filter into 2019 and beyond!

1. The use of bold and adventurous colours

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a surge in the use of bright and bold colours being used across digital platforms. With new tools allowing us to find more interesting ways of using colour, we think we will see more of how colour can be used to deliver exceptional experiences and be used alongside personalisation and customisation to create unique experiences.

2. Expressive typography

Typography is a powerful weapon, and its use across the internet has expanded this year. The theme seems to be, the bigger the better, and the fact that device resolutions are getting sharper is raising the legibility factor which in turn opens the door for a rise in custom fonts.

3. Custom illustrations

Illustrations are a great, versatile media for creating images that are friendly, playful and add some fun to an otherwise serious website. An experienced artist can make illustrations that are full of personality and are specifically tailored to a brand’s tone. Regardless of your brand or business, there will be an illustration that describes you.

4. Mobile first

It’s now official that more people browse on mobile than on desktop, so if you don’t have a mobile-first approach to your web design, then you’re simply missing out. It’s no longer good enough to just make your website mobile responsive, it needs to be designed with a mobile-first approach. Google has changed the way it reads websites to reflect this shift to mobile.

Now, it operates a ‘mobile first indexing’ system, which basically means it index’s the mobile version of your website before the desktop one. If you want to rank, then it’s important to notice this trend.

5. Grid layouts

Grid layouts have been given a fresh design for 2018. The days of uniform grids are gone and it’s all about asymmetric and broken grid layouts. They tend to be jarring, which makes them effective and eye-catching.

Take inspiration from these top five website design trends to take your website to the next level.