The marketing world is an ever-changing place, especially digital marketing, and with a new year, not to mention a new decade, we take time to look forward at the ways in which it’s set to change in 2020.

Social content strategy

3 ways marketing will change in 2020

First thing’s first, if your brand isn’t utilising social media for a business purpose, then it certainly should be. Secondly, if you do have a social media presence, and you want to understand how it’s set to evolve this year, the answer is developing and adhering to a proper social content strategy.

It’s a fact; our attention spans are getting shorter. Brands have never needed to make more of an impact than they do now – content needs to be quite literally thumb-stopping, and more than anything, it needs to be fit for the purpose and the platform.

Understanding what content works best for different platforms is social media 101 – platforms are recognising user behaviour, and shorter-form content is being favoured by the algorithm (not on YouTube, of course, but in the instances of Facebook and Twitter). Adapt to your own social content strategy to learn what works for you, and follow said patterns to see future success.

Less quantity more quality

3 ways marketing will change in 2020

Not all brands putting lots and lots of time and effort into endless forms of content are seeing success, it only works in some instances.

What plenty of marketing trends are forecasting is that fewer, better pieces with a proper paid plan behind them are having more impact than churning out content which is unlikely to be seen by audiences.

This doesn’t just apply to social media either, although that part is very important. Strategies such as email and formats such as paid display are also benefitting from this model. Invest your time, effort and money into more quality content, and see how your business can reap the rewards.

Audience first

3 ways marketing will change in 2020

For many years, brands have been too focussed on their own needs, and what they should be doing with marketing as a tool when the real way to success is understanding what your audience wants.

Audience-first strategies are sure to be taking a front-row seat in 2020. Take content locations for example – it’s all about mobile now. In order to stay ahead, you should be testing, learning and adapting to these trends, and understanding your audience in order to keep them engaged. Don’t create content which won’t resonate well with the people you’re talking to, after all, it’s them who you want to please.