SEO gets you in front of the right people

SEO is more important now than ever, having a dynamic and engaging website is important. Making sure people can actually find your website is equally so.

SEO or Search engine optimisation is a group of methods used to improve how search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo see your website. They rate you on factors such as how well your content is written, your sites layout, the images your site uses and a massive amount of back end considerations.

So, how can you improve your SEO? Well, that’s where TMH comes in. We will assess your website from head to toe and let you know where your improvements are needed. You can then leave it to us. We will edit your site, generate additional content and provide additional support and advice to make sure your site continues to rank highly with search engines.



Keyword Research

We provide in-depth research into what your leads are searching for. This keyword research can be then used to not only drive your SEO, but also any other online campaigns you may run.

Website Optimization

Google and other search engines automatically crawl your website to pull information and try to put together an idea of what your website is about and who your website will appeal to. By improving web architecture we can make it easier for Google to crawl your site and get the right information.

Content Improvement

Time to put some of those newly discovered keywords to use. Your content has to be easy to read, of a good quality and have the right keyword to content ratio.

Blog Management

Your site needs to be kept up to date. Google loves sites that are updated often and we can help you achieve that.


Monthly reporting on site traffic powered by Google. We can see how many people have been on to your site and how they got there. The in-depth suite of analytics provides inside into key information such as allowing us to see what search terms people have used to get to your site.

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