Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click On Google AdWords, Bing and Beyond

Google Adwords is a great way of getting yourself in front of more people online, it is an advertising platform that allows your brand to be seen throughout the entirety of Google’s network.

Do you want to be a sponsored advert when people search for something related to your company?


Google Campaign

The first place that people turn to find more information about products or services is to their favorite search engine, for the majority of people, that would be Google. By running a campaign on Google you boost your listing straight to the top of the page in the ‘Ads’ section. You will only pay for your advert when somebody clicks on to it and goes straight through to your website. If your advert is displayed and doesn’t get clicked on, you don’t pay a thing.

Bing Campaign

Bing is a search engine that is constantly growing. With Microsoft rolling out Bing as the default search engine in their Windows 10 machines, daily searches are on the grow. You can now advertise on Bing in a similar manner to how you advertise through Google AdWords.

YouTube Campaign

Have your advert shown before videos on the largest video sharing site on the internet. Advertising on YouTube provides you with all the advantages of advertising on Google, demographic targeting, conversion tracking, analytics, plus, you only pay when someone engages with your ad. If they skip it before 30 seconds (or the end) you don’t pay a cent.

Social Media Campaign

Running a pay per click campaign through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter help to get you directly in front of your audience. People browse social media to find interesting and engaging content. By correctly targeting your social media adverts and creating unique and engaging adverts, we can get social media to work for you.

Website Sponsorship

Some websites, mainly news and blog sites offer an opportunity to display banner adverts on their website. We can help you to secure these adverts, create engaging content and measure the success of these campaigns.

We have had great success displaying banner adverts on websites such as The Times and Love Money.


A user visits your site, they have a look at a few pages, view your products and then decide that they’re not ready to make a purchase. They leave your site without signing up to your mailing list or creating an account. If you’re not using re-marketing, there’s a good chance you’ve now lost that lead. With re-marketing you are able to reach that user in a non-intrusive way.

If you have been online shopping before, you might have noticed you start to see adverts from websites you have recently been on. That is remarketing. A great way to follow warm leads around the internet and make sure your brand stays in their head.

At TMH we use Google’s remarketing tools to set up our customers with refined remarketing strategies to turn leads into conversions.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing takes the fundamentals of remarketing to the next level. If you sell individual products or services on your website you can display a separate interactive advert that contains only the products or services that the individual user has visited. For example, a user visits a clothing company and only looks at black handbags. When the user leaves the website and is browsing the internet we can display an advert to them that includes the 5 black handbags they had viewed.


All good marketing campaigns are measurable. Digital Pay Per Click campaigns take that to the level. Marketing campaigns have never had such complex and in depth analytics, we can measure and optimize all areas of your campaign.

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